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Zhejiang qian feng electric co., LTD. Is located in liuzhou city, the capital of electric appliances in China. It is close to 104 national highway, and the traffic is very convenient. The company has advanced production equipment and complete testing equipment, is a set manufacturing, research and development, trade as one of the high-tech enterprises. With the new technology and new products, the company strives to meet the market demands with excellent quality and advanced products.

We are here to serve the society and meet our customers. The core of enterprise development is to keep abreast of The Times and grasp the market pulse. Only when we understand the market deeply and constantly innovate, can we always stand at the forefront of The Times and be ahead of the industry. To thank the domestic and foreign customers for their long-standing support and cooperation. At the same time, in order to explore new business areas, we warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our company and discuss business and development together.
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